The Philmore on Broadway began life over 90 years ago as the Broadway Theater on Fort Wayne’s bustling Broadway Avenue. The theater opened in 1923 — right in the heart of the Roaring Twenties. The Jazz music phenomenon was sweeping the globe, the “flapper” style was liberating and redefining women for the Modern Age, and Art Deco architecture perfectly captured the flare and energy of the Era. All the charm and style of the Jazz Age is still alive and well at this beautifully historic building.


Though it served as a successful entertainment venue for decades, suburban flight and urban blight eventually led to the theater’s neglect and the final shuttering of the doors in 1985. Fortunately, a group of local businessmen recognized the importance of preserving this Art Deco architectural gem for the city and its residents. They financed its restoration and renovation and the once-abandoned theater reopened in 1998 as a fine dining establishment, Catablu Gourmet American Grille. After the restaurant left the space, another round of careful restoration and extensive renovations returned this stylish structure to its original purpose: an entertainment and event venue. In its final iteration, The Philmore on Broadway has been hosting world-class musical talent and stunning private events since 2010.


Let The Philmore on Broadway’s colorful history be a part of your history. Listen to renowned regional, national and international musical performing artists; enjoy delicious food from talented local chefs and restaurants; or plan a special event that will ‘wow’ your guests with The Philmore’s chic elegance.



"We welcome you to come and experience The Philmore on Broadway. The Philmore is a historical building built in 1923 that represents the era of the Roaring Twenties. The theater is completely unique to Fort Wayne and the region. We have hosted many fabulous celebrations both private and public. Please come see for yourself and step back in time."


- Philip Terrell, Managing Partner The Philmore on Broadway


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